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Superior English & Spanish translations at incredible prices

Superior translation service from English to Spanish and from Spanish to English delivered to you by our team of official certified translators in Colombia

We are a British owned and managed business operating from Colombia and we are the market leader, see our reviews on Trustpilot...

Official certified English & Spanish Translation services saving you 40% guaranteed!

Altus Traducciones  provide a vastly superior translation service for the translation of every document imaginable. Yes, we will translate all your personal public documents, and if you are a business, there are no limits to what we can offer you! You will be super surprised by the quality of our service in terms of quality, formatting, and the rapid delivery times. Oh, and did we mention that our prices will leave you speechless.

We are a British owned and managed business established in Colombia since 2018
If you can read and understand a little Spanish then we invite you to examine the various other pages on our website which explain in great detail everything that we can achieve for you and/or your business. We provide translation services to individuals for all their personal documents, and our list of client companies indicate the company that we keep.

We only use official certified (sworn) translators, not certified translators!

What does that mean you ask? In the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the USA Official Translators registered on a Government database DO NOT EXIST. A Certified Translator simply certifies their own translation with  a declaration confirming that they are proficient in English and Spanish. This has minimal value in many countries.

In Colombia, as in Spain, Europe and virtually all other countries across the Globe, Official Translators exist. Official Translators have completed many formal examinations and are formally recognised and listed on a Government registered database. Their translations are accepted in every country and have an official seal. These translations can also be authenticated at a notary and assist in applying for apostillas, if needed.

Information about our official translators

Official Translators in Colombia must be registered with The Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores: Simply put 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs in English. Over 90% of translations in Colombia are performed by these Official Translators, or, as they are known in Spain, "Traductores Juradas" (sworn translators). You can forget using Spanish official translators unless you want to pay double!!

Contact Eddie at Altus Traducciones for a quotation

Nothing is complicated at Altus Traducciones. Simply email your documents to me Eddie at and I will send you prices, delivery times and more. Please remember that in Colombia we are 5 or 6 hours behind UK time. Alternatively, you can send me a Whatsapp message to the number listed on this website, or, if you prefer call me (but please during business hours).

How will I receive my translations?

These will be sent to you within the agreed times stipulated in the quotation in a pdf format by email which is normal protocol. If required we can have these translations authenticated for you at a notary.


You can pay by a bank transfer to Colombia or use one of the many popular payment platforms that exist and seem to work very well, for example: Remitly, Worldremit, Western Union etc. Moneygram always seems to be problematic, best to avoid.

Documents that we translate?

Let´s be realistic, we translate everything and anything (must be clear and legible). We believe that there is no need to write a long list of all the obvious documents that we translate. Our competitors only do this on their website for SEO reasons.

Complete peace of mind by having your Certified Official Translations completed in Colombia

All official sworn translations from Spanish to English created in Colombia are valid in the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, plus many more countries where English is spoken. Some countries may ask for the translation to be authenticated at a notary, no problem, we can do this for you. Sometimes, and this is very rare, certain countries (for example in the Middle East or Asia) may ask you to have the translations completed with an Apostille. Again, this is not a problem, we can provide this service for you. 

If you have any doubts, always ask the receiving country/institution for your translations exactly what they require. Government departments, schools, universities etc will always provide you with clear written instructions of what they expect from you in either a letter or email, or perhaps a link to a particular website, super easy. You can always send us a copy of these instructions to avoid any issues.

Best practice is to email your documents to us for translation and we can advise you.

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